A collection of photos taken when in the moment, after a chord was struck. Prints available in a variety of sizes and paper stocks from 4x6 to 20x30 (depending on the file) with prices starting at $25. Please reach out for a quote on what you have in mind.
Light reaching past a mountain
Gleam [Rocky Mt National Park]
An everpresent mountain
Bold [Rocky Mt National Park]
Illuminated patch of forest
Curtain of Gold [Shenandoah Park]
Now Entering Philadelphia
Now Entering
Serenity Now - Surfing the nose
Serenity Now [NJ]
Vaulted - a surfer goes airborn over a wave
Vaulted [NJ]
Diffuse - golden light shining through trees
A foggy bend in a road
Bend in the Road
A road of twisty trees
Threshold — Dark Hedges [GOT's King's Road]
Bubbles from an ocean wave
A boat and a bird head in opposite directions in a storm
Into the Storm
An ominous storm approaches
A large cloud builds over the water
Upheaval [NJ]
A bike racer throws beer towards the camera
Turn it Loose [Philly]
A snowboarder awaits descent
Into the Abyss
People contemplating at a train station
Time to Think [Philly]
A surfer turns in a wave
Sketching — [Steamer Lane - Santa Cruz]
BLM protest in Philly
Power — Philly
A motorcycle drives out of fog
Snow falls around a Philly church
Peace [Philly]
Stained glass windows lit up
Lit from Within [Philly]
Boat on dry land
Here's Good [Point Reyes, CA]
A storm brews over a water tower